About the Team and Mission

Pilot, AJ Edelman

AJ Edelman, OLY, MBA is the pilot of BobTeam Edelman.  AJ is a 7-time national champion in the sliding sports of bobsled and skeleton.  He is the first Orthodox Jew to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.


"For myself, for my people, and for my country" is the motto of the athlete on BobTeam Edelman.  The team's mission is simple: to be the best ambassadors of our people and country that we can be through proudly competing wearing the flag of Israel.

A Historic Mission

In 2022 BobTeam Edelman fell just 1 spot, about 0.1 seconds short of a historic Olympic berth for our country.  We are sliding towards history at the Milan 2026 Olympic Games.  See you there!