Introducing our BobTeam Edelman Compression Shirts and Leggings – the epitome of performance, style, and team pride! Designed to empower your workouts, these shirts offer the same exceptional features as our legendary leggings, but with unique logo placements that truly set them apart.

All-Weather Performance:
No matter the temperature, our Compression Shirts have you covered. Engineered to provide comfort and support in both warm and cold conditions, they keep you focused on your fitness goals.

Team Spirit Front and Center:
On the front of the shirt, proudly display your allegiance with the flag of Israel and the prestigious crest of the Bobsled and Skeleton Federation of Israel. It’s a symbol of your dedication to excellence and your connection to the rich heritage of Israeli bobsledding.

Backed by BobTeam Edelman:
On the back of the shirt, you’ll find the full-sized BobTeam Edelman logo. This logo represents the heart and soul of our elite bobsled team, and now you can carry their spirit with you every time you hit the track or gym. You’ll find stylish logo placement on the pants as well!

Customized Comfort:
Crafted from premium materials, our Compression Shirts and pants offer the perfect blend of compression and flexibility. The snug fit supports your muscles and enhances your performance, while the moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry.

Available in Classic Colors:
Choose between classic black and trendy grey to match your style and workout wardrobe. Whether you’re sprinting, lifting, or pushing your limits, these shirts will keep you comfortable and focused.

Key Features:
– Exceptional all-weather performance
– Front display of the flag of Israel and Federation crest
– Backed by the full-sized BobTeam Edelman logo
– Premium materials for customized comfort
– Available in classic dark navy or trendy grey